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Forum Rules.

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:53 am

Hello, Here are a few basic forum rules.

1. Harassment
-Since this forum is for all ages i'd like to keep harassment and insults to a non existence. A Temporary ban shall be placed if this rule is broken.

- examples would be like racism, sexual orientation, And/or Name Calling, ect.

- Please think before you speak

2. Advertising
- Please do not advertise your clans, servers or games unless approved by a moderator or administrator of the forums

- This results in a permanent ban of forum account

3. Buy/selling accounts is prohibited.
- This isnt ebay, simple rule.

- account will be Suspended.

4. Be friendly and be yourself!
-no one likes a poser!

5. Have Fun!


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